Submitting Project 1

There are two parts to submitting Project 1:

  • Writing your reflection memo.
    As I explained in the assignment, the reflection memo is your chance to tell me anything you want me to know about your project. I will read your reflection before I look at your project.

  • Sharing your project links.
    For this project, your reflection memo will give me the share link to your Statement of Online Identity (with embedded image) on Google Drive.

Writing Your Reflection Memo and Submitting Your Project

Follow these instructions to submit your work:

  1. Go to the Assignments tab on the left menu in Scholar.
  2. Choose “P1: Online Identity.”
  3. Scroll down to the text box below the headings Submission and Assignment Text. You will write your reflection memo in this box. (Alternately, you can write in a word processor and copy/paste your text into this box if you like.)
  4. Add your memo headers (To, From, Subject, and Date). For your reflection memo, you’ll use the following:
    • Address your memo to me (Traci) and from you (use your name).
    • Add a subject line that indicates this is your reflection memo and which project it is for.
    • Add the current date.
  5. Insert a horizontal divider line using the button indicated with the red arrow in the image below:
    Insert Horizontal Line button in Scholar
  6. Introduce your project briefly—tell me what you were aiming for in a sentence or two. Make your statement unique.
  7. Give me the Share link to the document on your Google Drive. Use the instructions for how to get the Share link on the FAQ site if you are unsure how to share documents (see the tips below). Be sure you have given me permission to comment on the document.
  8. Tell me anything special you want me to know about your project, using one of the reflection questions from the assignment, or addressing another issue. This is your time to tell me about anything you are especially proud of, that you’d like help improving, and so forth.
  9. If you have taken special efforts to make your work exemplary, tell me about what you have done.
  10. If there is anything special about your documentation or about the layout and design you have chosen, include that information as well.
  11. Review your memo to make sure it tells me what you want me to your project.
  12. Agree to the Honor Code by clicking the checkbox at the bottom of the page in Scholar. You cannot finish submitting the project without clicking that checkbox (and it’s easy to miss).
  13. Submit your Project, and save a copy of the confirmation and submission ID. If something goes wrong in Scholar, you can contact 4HELP with that information.
  14. Celebrate! You’ve finished the first project!

Tips on Using Google Drive

The FAQ site has step-by-step instructions for tasks you will complete with your Google Drive, including converting your document if you have worked in another word processor, adding comments, and sharing your documents are all included.

To make sure that you can submit your first project smoothly, pay attention to the following FAQs:

Note that if your documents are in the wrong format or the permissions do not allow me to comment, I will return your work ungraded.