Day 2 of Project 3 Presentations

This is the post for the Friday, March 27, 2015 class meeting.

this-presentation-is-amazingToday we continue the presentations for Project 3. Your job during this session is to pay attention, since you may want to use these tools yourself in Project 3.

Presentations for Today

These are the people and tools scheduled for today’s presentations.

10:10 Class

11:15 Class

Today’s Blog Post

After the presentations, choose the tool you saw today that you are most interested in trying out (other than your own if you presented). State what tool it was, why you found it interesting, and how you might use it.


  • For Monday, 3/30:
    • If you are presenting Monday, be sure that you send the URL to your presentation by 9 PM on Sunday, March 26 so that I can set up Monday’s post.
    • Be prepared to listen to each presentations in class; attendance is required even if you are not presenting. You will write a blog posts for each class day.
  • For Wednesday, 4/1:
    • If you are presenting Wednesday, be sure that you send the URL to your presentation by 9 PM on Tuesday, March 31 so that I can set up Wednesday’s post.
    • Project 3 due by 11:55 PM. We will work on the reflection memo in class. Grace period ends at 11:55 PM on April 8.
  • For Friday, 4/3:
    • We’ll go over Project 4, the remix a story project.