Intro to Online Identities

This is the post for the Monday, January 26, 2015 class meeting.

Discussing Today’s Texts

dogontheniternetToday’s readings were the following:

To begin our discussion of the homework, we’ll use an anonymous online whiteboard to brainstorm some ideas. Go to the Padlet for your course and add some short responses to the framing question there, “Based on the texts you read and viewed for your homework, what goes into establishing an online identity? How would you define the phrase, and what are the characteristics that comprise online identity?”

You will also have the chance to talk about your reactions to the different online identity situations.

Overview of Project 1

For Project 1, you will create a statement of some aspect of your digital identity using an image and a short explanatory statement. The assignment includes all the details for the project, which is due Friday, January 30.


  • Wednesday, 1/26:
    • View the “Images and Words” from Foundations of Layout and Composition with Sean Adams.
    • Explore the Project Examples linked from the assignment page. For each one, be prepared to share one thing that you think it does well and one thing the author could do to improve the project.
    • Work on Step 1 on the Project 1 Assignment. I will demonstrate some image editing strategies in class, and you can begin creating your image in the classroom.
  • Friday, 1/28:
    • Aim to have at least a draft of your image ready to share in class. Ideally, you will have a nearly-finished draft of the image and your explanatory statement. We will spend part of the session on peer review, and part talking about the reflection memo.
  • Monday, 1/30: