Project 1 Examples

This is the post for the Wednesday, January 28, 2015 class meeting.

Discussing Project 1 Examples

allthediscussionsFor homework, you explored the Project Examples linked from the assignment page. To kick off our discussion of the examples, I want you to share your reactions to the texts by completing the following survey:

Tools for Project 1

You will use Google Drive to write and share your project. I have created a sample document to demonstrate how to embed the image and layout your projects. Remember that it is just one example, not the only way to publish your work.

Consult the Google Drive FAQs and the help materials on the Google Drive site. The details on how to Insert an Image will probably be useful.

You can use whatever image editing tools you are comfortable with, but to work in class today, we’ll use You will find many options for touching up photos, adding filters, and (of course) inserting text.


  • Friday, 1/30:
    • Aim to have at least a draft of your image ready to share in class. Ideally, you will have a nearly-finished draft of the image and your explanatory statement. We will spend part of the session on peer review, and part talking about the reflection memo.
  • Monday, 2/2: