Project 4 Work Day

This is the post for the Friday, April 24, 2015 class meetings.

gradedhomeworkToday is an in-class work day, but I want to share some information about the course grades and the Scholar gradebook as well. After I review the gradebook information, you can work on your projects in class.

Gradebook Updates

I have converted the Exemplary / Satisfactory / Unsatisfactory grades to numbers so that you can see course averages in the Scholar gradebook. As I sent out in the Scholar announcement on Wednesday, I used these numbers:

Number Letter Description
95 A Exemplary/beyond satisfactory work/very strong project
92 A- Very satisfactory
85 B Satisfactory
79 C+ Borderline/Barely Satisfactory
70 C- Unsatisfactory (pieces missing, but the work was submitted)
0 F Project not submitted

In addition to grades (or places) for each of the four projects and the final, you will also see these grades:

Item Worth Description
Participation 38 Total number of sessions attended. This is a flat number that does not take into account documentation you may have shown me from Health Services or the Dean of Students. The number of classes to date is 31. Everyone will earn an additional +1.
Class Work 28 Total number of blog posts. This is a flat number of posts to date. The ultimate grade will take into account persistent progress during the course (e.g., that you posted when you were supposed to and didn’t post them all at the end of the term). The number of posts to date is 26. You will write one more today and one on Monday to reach 28.

I will not update the numbers for attendance or blog posts again in the grade book until the last day of class.

In your final exam, you will highlight your best work and argue your case for these two grades. I will share the finished assignment on Monday, 4/27, but you can look at the rough draft now.

Note that to protect your privacy, I cannot discuss your individual grades in class.

Writing Schedule and Homework

  • Friday, 4/24:
    • Write a blog post with the usual headings: (1) What I Did, and (2) Why I Did It.
    • Check your grades in the gradebook. If you have a zero for any of the Projects, please fix it immediately by submitting your work. No late submissions for Projects 1, 2, or 3 will be accepted after 11:55 PM on Wednesday, April 29. After that date, the zero will stand.
  • Monday, 4/27: Discussion of the reflection memo for Project 4 and the final exam. Last day of independent, in-class work.

  • Wednesday, 4/29 to Wednesday, 5/6: In-class presentations. Link to your presentation due by 11:55 PM the day before you present.

  • Wednesday, 5/6: Reflection Memo and Project 4 links due by 11:55.