Web Portal Appearance

This is the post for the Friday, February 6, 2015 class meeting.

Class for February 6 will work online, as I will be traveling to a conference. There will be no classroom meeting for Friday.

Working on Your Blog’s Appearance

  • webdesignersIn lieu of the class meeting, please watch the lynda.com videos on “Changing the Appearance of Your Site” (39m 36s).
  • Apply what you have learned by choosing a theme for your WordPress site and customizing what you have on the site.
    • Go to the Appearance tab on the left, and choose Themes. Be sure to choose the FREE link on the upper right. Please don’t spend money on a Theme.
    • Begin looking at Widgets and Menus. We will talk about them more on Monday.
  • By 5 PM on Saturday, write a second blog post with the headings (1) What I Did, and (2) Why I Did It. You do NOT need to send me your link (unless you failed to do so on Wednesday).


  • For Monday, 2/9:
    • We will talk about the work you have done with Themes, and we will explore Themes, Widgets, and Menus in more detail.
    • Be ready to work on customizing your site further in class. You will have most of the class time to work, and I will answer questions about your sites.
  • For Wednesday, 2/4:
    • Read Chapter 1 of Writer/Designer so that you are familiar with the terms we’re using in class as we discuss multimodal projects. I will post a reading quiz for the chapter as well.